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Our mission is to provide ethical business solutions from mine to market.


Ethical Solutions From Mine to Market

Key Highlights


94% of packaging is reused or recycled in our operational processes – Equaling 146 mT of steel containers, 158 mT of wooden pallets, 30 mT of cardboard

>65% of supply volume comes from scrap materials


Zero human rights violations anywhere in our supply chain 

3.75 Lost time injury frequency rate 

Access to education endowment to continue education and leadership coaching for all employees

100% Employee retention during Covid



ISO 9001:2015

Responsible minerals initiative certified

Zero human rights violations anywhere in our supply chain

Zero security breaches

ESG Report 2023

A positive impact for our stakeholders

A Message From

A Message From the CEO
“Being dynamic is a fundamental value of ICD Alloys & Metals that has been consistently tested with pandemic market pressures. It has been an honor to work alongside the dedicated workforce of ICD to witness the combination of agility and responsiveness to employee safety and partner needs while strategically evolving to the demands of the market over the past two years. These challenges have strengthened our commercial and operational processes and systems and galvanized our culture because we know we can deliver when we take care of each other. I could not be more proud of what ICD has accomplished and is prepared to deliver in the future. Thank you for all the support and partnership in our sustainability journey.”



A Message From the President

“«Ethical business solutions from mine to market» has been our guiding purpose from day one. This purpose has also been the catalyst that has informed our strategic sustainability decisions throughout the pandemic.
Our stakeholders and our core values are at the center of every decision we make. We act fast to address their immediate needs and listen to their long-term priorities. To elevate our employees’ experience, we strengthened programs and processes to ensure the safety of our employees, enriched our culture where we take care of each other’s well-being, and have goals to strengthen our diversity, equity and inclusion.
Supply chain constraints and volatile pricing left many customers and suppliers with challenges as well. Because of ICD’s global partnerships, we have been able to secure products and create long-term relationships that reduce supply and price fluctuation. To further develop our sustainability and reliability with our customers, we have invested in operational processes and business acquisition of ICD Melting Solutions to make ICD the one point of contact for their specialized metals and alloys needs.
We continue to deepen our scrap recycling volume and capabilities year over year to reduce the environmental impact of traditional mining and are always seeking innovative opportunities to onshore production of critical metals, decrease carbon emission, and increase full traceability of our products.
Sustainability is embedded in our external and internal business model but we know it takes all of our stakeholders to be working together to accomplish our ambitious goals. Thank you for everyone’s efforts that have made our current success possible. I’m excited to be in this sustainability journey with you.”